A well-designed Health Awareness Campaign could save human lives.

A prospect often neglected and undervalued by many organizations!

Medical industry is continually striving to improve human lives by investing in the innovation of new technologies, medical devices, diagnostics, AI and treatments. Thanks to advanced technology, many severe diseases could be prevented by earlier screening and diagnosis. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the existence of such preventive care to begin with!

To increase health awareness among GenPop the industries need to fundamentally RETHINK how they communicate!

There have been many successful multimedia health awareness campaigns in the past about colorectal cancer, breast cancer, HIV, contraception, healthy diets, safer sex, sugar consumption, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, cigarette ban and so on.

Such activation campaigns have not only changed the mind-set of many people about personal health & care but have also saved many lives.

Medical conditions such as heavy menstrual bleeding, untreated HPV or bladder infections could develop into chronic diseases or build resistance to some treatments. Simple hygiene precautions, healthy diet, early screening and diagnosis could avoid certain medical conditions from developing into critical diseases.

However, not everyone has the knowledge of all the diseases that could be prevented with simple, cost effective clinical measures or behavioural change.

Easier said than done!

Many companies and health organizations are already investing large amounts of money, time and effort into multi-channel communication campaigns to raise awareness among general population for various diseases.

But, not all awareness campaigns are relevant to everyone. Individual health behaviours play an important role in the success of any health awareness campaign. Thus, such campaigns and call to action messages must be framed to leave an impact on their target audience i.e. to achieve greater outcomes.

Success and Failure of an awareness campaign depends on the carefully selected communication channels!

Covid-19 had proven that awareness of any disease and treatment can be spread quickly and widely by using any communication platforms. Since not all platforms are reliable or trustworthy, it will be important to carefully select the reliable platforms and information sources before launching a campaign. Furthermore, developing the right messages, defining the right audience, managing all complexities related to personal data collection and data protection are few of the many challenges that need to be tackled during the whole process.

Overall, it is a win win situation for all related parties.

GenPop could prevent certain chronic diseases early enough. The different stakeholders on the other hand, could not only save lives, improve QoL but could also use this opportunity to promote their innovative technology, screening/ diagnostic tests and treatments. Instead of treating preventable diseases, Healthcare funds could be used wisely to treat inevitable diseases, which cannot be controlled by changing health behaviour or providing preventive care alone.

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