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UX Testing: Can’t this simply be done better?

User-friendly medical devices with highest possible practicality provide clear competitive advantages and ensure a strong positioning in the market. And a user-centered development can be considered as the starting point for success.

Users ask: Can’t this simply be done better?

Lukas Maksimowski, a nurse specializing in anesthesia and intensive care, gave us an insight into the daily routine of nursing in a video. Far too often, nursing staff have to struggle with the poor usability of medical devices.


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Such problems can be avoided with a more targeted UX testing. This helps to know your end users and their tasks more closely and develop according to their needs. You recognize at an early stage where improvements still need to be made - not only after finalization.

Optimization potentials are identified through an iterative procedure in several test cycles with prototypes in different stages of development.

Those who understand users better tend to be more successful

It goes without saying that innovative medicinal products can’t be developed out of the blue. Many years of experience, market intelligence and profound product research form the basis for new and innovative products which are to be placed on the market.

End users, however, are often not involved in the development process or are not involved in a sufficiently objective and targeted manner. Their involvement is a great opportunity to develop products that offer real added value and that will be accepted and sold faster - often with higher margins.

With a certified Psyma UX professional at your side you can develop in a more

  • structured
  • standardized
  • problem-oriented
  • user-centered way


Certified in compliance with international quality standards, according to international standards for the usability of interactive systems and their design process (DIN EN ISO 9241, DIN EN ISO 13407, DIN EN ISO 9241-210)

Our performance promise

“A usability and UX professional at Psyma derives usability requirements of a medical device not only in a qualified and methodical sound way but also checks possibilities to integrate them into the development of new products.”

As a developer, you can directly benefit from Usability and UX tests that are focused on real users as this is the perfect way to contrast their needs and wishes with technical feasibility checks, also taking into account the financial implications of developing an innovative and successful product.

UX-tested products with an optimized usability sustainably improve acceptance and reputation of the manufacturer in an intensive competitive environment. Thus, profound UX testing with qualified Psyma consultants contributes to a long-lasting business success.

Feel free to contact Dr. Britta Meyer-Lutz to discuss possible application fields and the detailed approach.

Dr. Britta Meyer-Lutz
Senior Research Manager / Consultant
Tel. : +49 911 99574-44