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Psyma ensures business operations

Control and management of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is largely bringing public life to a standstill in the attempt to slow down the number of new infections.  This, of course, also impacts ongoing market research projects. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of how we will ensure that Psyma’s daily business continues to stay up and running:

  • Business operations will continue as usual and without any cutbacks. All relevant functions and processes can be performed remotely. This means that operations will continue to function in the event of official office closures due to a suspected corona case within the workforce or as required by local health officials. Every employee who is not already working in a home office is encouraged to take his/her laptop home every day to be prepared for the event that we may need to shelter in place in our homes.
  • Psyma is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 20 252 standards. These guidelines strictly outline procedures to be taken in case of substitution requirements and emergency plans. We are, therefore, fully prepared to deal with crisis situations.
  • To help reduce community spread of the coronavirus, we are limiting business travel. The majority of planned personal meetings are conducted via telephone or video conference, and all necessary digital tools are available to support this. Employees are increasingly working from their home office, but can still be reached via their office telephone numbers, email and other ordinary contact means.
  • Many survey methodologies requiring personal contact between interviewer or moderator and respondents are no longer possible or only possible to a limited extent. Psyma is equipped with all necessary tools and technical equipment to carry out projects online or via telephone on short notice. We are readily available to discuss possibilities and alternatives with you as to how current and future projects can be implemented so that you can continue to obtain the required data to meet your business needs during this rapidly evolving time.

It is not possible to predict how the situation will continue to develop or for how long it will last.  However, we can assure you that your studies will be reliably managed and carried out in the coming weeks and months so that you have the insights required for decision-making, even in these difficult times.