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Psyma Releases EU Survey Results on COVID-19 Impact


Psyma Group AG, a Global Marketing Research Firm, in partnership with Netquest, a global panel and data collection provider, releases EU survey results on COVID-19 Impact

Rückersdorf, Germany …July 30, 2020… Psyma Group AG, a global provider of strategic marketing research, in partnership with Netquest, a global panel and data collection provider, recently released the results of an international survey on the impact of COVID-19 conducted among 1502 adults, across the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

“COVID-19 continues to have a major disruptive impact on our daily lives despite our return to some sort of normalcy in Europe. This pandemic transformed how we are interacting with each other at all levels; home offices and home schooling have become the new normal. Moreover, the healthcare system is witnessing a complete disruption in the engagement with and between healthcare professionals and patients; remote consultations and virtual engagements are becoming common practice during the pandemic and are likely to stay. 

With the reopening of the economy and businesses across Europe, organisations need to understand the short- and long-term implications of the pandemic on the population within Europe. Now more than ever, organisations need to engage with their customers to better understand the level of disruption that took place and quickly adapt to a new business environment. Doing so, will give organisations a unique opportunity to reimagine their business practices, reassess their marketing strategy, remap their customer journey, and rethink their brand experience. 

We are pleased to be partnering with Netquest to conduct several surveys to gain early insights on people’s rapidly changing attitudes and behaviours” notes Richard Habis, PharmD. Global Account Director Healthcare at Psyma Group AG.


As measures to counter the spread of the pandemic start to ease across Europe, and the economy is returning to some sort of normalcy, organisations need to understand the short- and long-term implications of the pandemic on the population within Europe.

The Psyma / Netquest survey initiative offers a snapshot of the attitudinal, behavioural, financial, and emotional impact of the pandemic on the population. It also looks at current opinions of institutions (government, pharmaceutical industry, including vaccine manufacturers, healthcare professionals and scientific communities), as well as receptivity and readiness of being traced and vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Psyma / Netquest survey offers early insight on behaviours that will likely stay beyond the pandemic restrictions (e.g., mask wearing, telehealth visits, online shopping, social distancing, school openings, and so forth).

Finally, it looks at what specific values, brands need to emphasize during these uncertain times.

EU COVID-19 report cover

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