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Online Market Research

ISO: Quality Market Research Insights. Little Budget. Little Time.

Yes, we've heard it all. My deadline was yesterday... Our budget was just cut... I need to deliver in-depth, strategic insights before the end of the month. At Psyma, we understand today's marketing professionals need more for less - and that is why we developed psydive.

psydive has been used to gather quick, in-the-moment insights from customers across the globe. By leveraging modern online research tools, we have built a better and more economical approach to customer insight and collaboration.

Psydive is an Adaptable, Flexible and Effective Research Tool

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Our clients rely on psydive when they need a closer look at how their product/ service lives in the real world. psydive is an adaptable, flexible and effective research tool that can be used to address a wealth of business issues including; Customer/ Emotional/ Product Journey, Market Exploration, Concept & Creative Development, Digital Ethnography/ Day in the life, Diary Studies/ Journaling, Message Development, Barriers & Opportunities & Innovation Process.

psydive is just one example of our creativity, our flexibility, and our strategic thinking. Not only do we provide the what and the why – we are here to help you understand how these insights impact your business needs today and for the future.