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Healthcare Market Research

Managing the Patient Journey & Enhancing Marketing

The patient journey in healthcare services continues to evolve as new online communication channels and service delivery methods are introduced into the patient experience. As such, healthcare organizations need to constantly measure and monitor their marketing and communications efforts to ensure messaging is clear, consistent, and resonates with the proper audiences through the right channels.

With the right information and analytics, organizations can do three things to achieve growth vis-à-vis enhanced marketing tactics geared towards improved management of the patient journey.

Connecting online and offline marketing efforts

Although healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are shifting marketing and advertising dollars to digital outlets, offline media remains important. As different generations of patients/caregivers use certain forms of communications and become familiar with others, marketers need to ensure they are using consistent and unified messaging across all platforms to reinforce communications throughout the patient journey.  By connecting online and offline marketing efforts, firms can increase brand awareness and brand recognition while strengthening brand cues.

Maintain a consistent brand experience across physical and virtual mediums

Companies with multiple delivery channels rarely offer a consistent brand experience across all channels. A uniform experience across physical and virtual channels will help promote customer delight across the different means by which they may encounter the brand. Most importantly, consistency will help minimize confusion and disappointments throughout the patient journey.

Improve experiences across all patient segments

Healthcare organizations that focus on a single audience, demographic group, or market segment are at a significant disadvantage. Improving experiences across all patient populations is critical to staying relevant and achieving ongoing success. A cohesive approach to improving the patient experience across different segments of the population will help biotech and pharma companies prove their ability to adequately meet the needs of a diverse set of patients with an equally diverse set of services around their products (eg., patient access, etc.).

The bottom line

With more touch points than ever in the healthcare sector, manufacturers must ensure they are using the right channels to reach their audience. At the same time, communications must be consistent to deliver the same brand experience and comparable levels of service throughout the entire patient journey.