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Healthcare Market Research

An Outlook on Hemophilia

A major paradigm shift in the future Hemophilia market through entrance of new players

The Hemophilia marketplace is witnessing a major paradigm shift through the entrance of new players specializing in Orphan Diseases

  • A major technology evolution has taken place in the management of Hemophilia, widening the market opportunities
  • Some new players are expected to stir the Hemophilia marketplace:

SOBI and Bioverativ are expected to become the leading player in recombinant EHL factor VIII & IX therapies. Novo, Shire and Bayer may no longer be the leading players in Hemophilia with the entry of these new players

The future of the market has more questions than answers:

Will current key players maintain control of the hemophilia market with the entry of their new EHL agents?

Will traditional agents loose share to future ‘non-coagulation factor’ agents such as Roche’s Emicizumab, Novo‘s Concizumab & Alnylam‘s Fitusiran?

What will be the impact of gene therapy on the Hemophilia Market Opportunity?

Will Hemophilia become an ultra rare disease?

The Global Hemophilia market is expected to reach USD 15.2 billion by 2024

Some big global players have some novel treatment options in their pipelines 

Psyma’s Experience in the Hemophilia Space

Psyma and its research partners have conducted extensive research around hemophilia as well as other bleeding disorders over recent years (e.g., von Willebrand disease, other factor deficiencies, and other indications requiring plasma-derived products)

Psyma’s experience includes research with all major market participants: patients, caregivers, hematologists, nurses, social workers, patient support and advocacy groups, home health care agencies, payers, and regulatory personnel and has been conducted both domestically and globally including in the EU, South America and Asia

Additionally, research has spanned the range of strategic to tactical initiatives... Ideation work to uncover unmet needs, through trial design and clinical endpoints; product positioning, messaging, detail aid and consumer concept development; awareness and tracking studies from pre launch through launch; and repositioning work in the face of competitive entrants

Psyma’s dedicated “Specialty" Products Practice is accustomed to recruiting hard to reach respondents and has strong relationships with specialty recruiters in most major markets

Are you interested to hear more about our experience in Hemophilia & Rare Diseases? Please do reach out to your local contact on otherwise, feel free to contact me.