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Psyma is synonymous with innovative market research and uses information to remain at the forefront of knowledge. As an international market research institute, we conduct research in over 40 countries with immense passion and enthusiasm. We analyse markets, target groups, products and business models with reliable results. Our market research expertise covers a wide range of sectors, including the automotive, healthcare, financial and media industries as well as consumer research. Our clients benefit from practical market research concepts and innovative solutions.

Innovation thrives on networking, discussions and interactions

Our newsroom provides a platform for insights and news from across all industries. Industry experts and other interested parties can submit content to help actively shape the future of market research. By adopting a targeted approach to networking and sharing knowledge, we pool our global expertise and make it available to our clients and other members of the industry across all markets.

Reach your industry

Gain more coverage for your cases, stories and studies by publishing content in our newsroom. Benefit from the strong Psyma community, which comprises a wide range of sectors, including the automotive, media, e-business, telecommunications and IT, financial services, energy, retail and FMCG, medical engineering and pharmaceutical industries, and demonstrate your market research knowledge.

In our newsroom, you can share developments in the fields of market research, marketing and target groups as well as receive regular inspiration from all specialist areas of market research. Please send any industry-specific content you would like to publish on our market research blog to our editorial team.

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Jeff Judek
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