Author Image: Jeff Judek

Jeff Judek

Chief Executive Officer,
Psyma International Inc.

Jeff Judek is an international leader with management and consulting experience in global strategy and customer insights. He founded, built, and continues to manage the US operations of the Psyma Group. With his entrepreneurial style, Jeff Judek inspires a fast-paced and collaborative environment. Jeff's passion to engage and connect with people is at the core of everything he does; Always looking for creative and innovative ways to better the US team and serve Psyma's clients. "Passion fuels the creativity that is necessary to drive innovation and ultimately ensure success."

With a shared vision to place customers at the center stage of every brand they partner with, Jeff Judek and his team work with leaders and organizations across the healthcare, automotive, financial services, BtoB and BtoC industries. Together, they help their clients build and transform brands that are customer centric. With roots in supporting marketing and commercial strategies, Jeff Judek has had the honor of working with numerous executive teams around the world. The Psyma group is a global strategy and brand consultancy with 19 offices in 10 countries, and employs approximately 300 associates worldwide.

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