Author Image: James Roberts

James Roberts

Vice President,
Psyma International Inc.

James Roberts is a Team Leader focused primarily on Healthcare market research. James joined Psyma international in 2006 with over seven years of strategic and tactical competitive intelligence consulting experience within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. James Roberts has wide experience having conducted Consumer, Automotive and B2B Market research However, the majority of his career has been spent in Pharmaceuticals. He has a particular specialty in Vaccines, “Orphan” drugs, fractionated blood products, bio-similar entrants among others. He thrives on interesting, unique and complex market issues. James truly enjoys partnering with clients to design projects to meet and exceed research goals!

Qualitatively, James Roberts is a RIVA-trained senior moderator who has personally interviewed thousands of market stake-holders. In domestic projects he uses a broad range of techniques (projective, laddering, war-gaming) to uncover true drivers of behavior and gauge emotional response. Additionally, he uses a broad range of methodologies (IDIs, TDIs, Dyads, Triads, Focus Groups, online blogging) to maximize resources and understand markets. In his career James Roberts has interviewed most physician specialties, nurses and nurse practitioners, patients, patient support groups, regulatory agency personnel, payors, and pharmacists and many other audiences.

Quantitatively, James Roberts routinely partners with our in-house experts to design questionnaires, analyze results and deliver reports with meaningful and actionable insights. His qualitative experience includes tracking, benchmarking and forecasting projects.

James’ interest in both local and global markets is driven by his extensive international experience: James Roberts is a dual citizen (US and UK) having lived and worked in: USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, Korea, Chad, and Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo).

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